Chef in Residence at Stone Barns

Nov 27, 2017
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Welcome to the exclusive Chef in Residence program at Stone Barns. If you are a food enthusiast seeking a unique culinary experience, look no further. Immerse yourself in the world of farm-to-table cuisine and indulge in the finest flavors crafted by renowned chefs.

About Stone Barns

Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture is a non-profit organization located in Pocantico Hills, New York. It is dedicated to promoting sustainable farming practices and educating the community about the importance of a healthy food system. At Stone Barns, you will find a working farm, educational facilities, and one of the most prestigious culinary programs, the Chef in Residence.

The Chef in Residence Program

The Chef in Residence program at Stone Barns offers a unique opportunity for food enthusiasts to witness the culinary mastery of renowned chefs. This exclusive program invites accomplished chefs from around the world to cook, teach, and share their expertise with a limited number of guests.

During your visit to Stone Barns, you will have the privilege of watching the Chef in Residence in action. Get up close and personal as they prepare exquisite meals using organic ingredients sourced directly from the farm. From picking fresh vegetables to cooking succulent meats, you'll witness the entire process firsthand.

The Chef in Residence program goes beyond simple cooking demonstrations. It offers an immersive experience where you can participate in workshops and interact with the chef. Learn about their culinary techniques, discuss flavors, and gain insights into their creative process. You'll leave with a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to elevate your own cooking skills.

Reserving a Seat

To secure your seat at the Chef in Residence program, advance reservations are required. Due to the program's popularity, we recommend booking well in advance to ensure availability on your preferred date. Reservations can be made online through our website or by contacting our dedicated support team.

Please note that the Chef in Residence program has limited seating to maintain an intimate and personalized experience. This ensures that each guest receives individual attention and has ample opportunity to interact with the chef.

Exploring Stone Barns

While the Chef in Residence program is the highlight of a visit to Stone Barns, there is much more to explore on the sprawling grounds. Take a leisurely stroll through the picturesque gardens and observe the organic farming methods in action. Engage in farm-to-table discussions with knowledgeable staff members and gain a deeper understanding of sustainable agriculture.

For those interested in further culinary education, Stone Barns also offers workshops and classes throughout the year. From bread making to cheese aging, you can learn a variety of skills directly from experienced artisans.

If you're feeling peckish after all the exploring, make sure to visit the on-site restaurant, which showcases the farm's freshest ingredients in delectable dishes. Treat your taste buds to a unique dining experience that celebrates all the wonders of farm-to-table cuisine.


The Chef in Residence program at Stone Barns is a must-visit for anyone passionate about food and sustainability. Immerse yourself in the culinary world, learn from world-renowned chefs, and discover the joys of farm-to-table cooking. Reserve your seat now and embark on a gastronomic journey like no other.