We're Going Through Some Changes!

May 16, 2018


Welcome to Ads Plus Funnels, your go-to destination for all things eCommerce & Shopping. As an innovative platform, we understand the importance of constantly evolving along with the industry. In this article, we're excited to share the latest updates and changes happening in the eCommerce & Shopping category at Ads Plus Funnels. Stay ahead of the competition with our comprehensive insights and detailed information.

Enhancing User Experience

One of our primary focuses is providing a seamless and enjoyable user experience for our valued customers. Over the past few months, we have made significant improvements in several areas.

1. Streamlined Navigation

Our team has revamped the navigation structure of our website to ensure easy access to relevant information. Whether you are searching for specific products, detailed tutorials, or the latest industry news, our intuitive navigation will guide you effortlessly.

2. Improved Search Functionality

Searching for specific products or topics has never been easier. We have implemented advanced search algorithms to deliver precise and accurate results based on your queries. Say goodbye to irrelevant search results and welcome a more efficient browsing experience.

Upgraded Features

We constantly strive to exceed our customers' expectations by introducing new and improved features. These additions ensure that our platform remains at the forefront of the eCommerce & Shopping industry.

1. Advanced Analytics Dashboard

Gain valuable insights into your website's performance with our enhanced analytics dashboard. Monitor key metrics, track conversion rates, and optimize your marketing strategies based on comprehensive data analysis. Stay on top of your game with our powerful analytics tools.

2. Personalized Recommendations

We understand that each customer has unique preferences and interests. Our new personalized recommendations feature utilizes cutting-edge algorithms to suggest products and content tailored specifically to your browsing habits. Discover exciting new options that align with your tastes and preferences.

Industry Trends and Insights

Discover the latest trends and insights shaping the eCommerce & Shopping landscape. We continuously monitor the market to provide you with valuable information and keep you informed of the newest developments.

1. The Rise of Mobile Shopping

In today's digital age, mobile shopping has become increasingly popular. We delve into the reasons behind this shift and offer strategies to optimize your mobile shopping experience, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve.

2. Influencer Marketing

Explore the power of influencer marketing in driving brand awareness and increasing sales. We provide actionable tips and case studies to help you leverage influencers effectively and maximize your ROI.


At Ads Plus Funnels, we are committed to providing our customers with the best possible experience. Our constant efforts to improve our platform, introduce new features, and stay up-to-date with industry trends ensure that we remain leaders in the eCommerce & Shopping category. Stay connected with us to take advantage of all the exciting changes happening at Ads Plus Funnels!