Squeaky Wheel announces Summer 2023 Artists in Residence

Feb 24, 2022


Welcome to Squeaky Wheel's exciting announcement of the talented artists who will be joining our renowned residency program for the Summer of 2023! We are thrilled to introduce you to these exceptional individuals who are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of artistic expression and exploring new frontiers in their respective mediums.

About Squeaky Wheel

Squeaky Wheel is a leading platform for promoting contemporary art and fostering creative innovation. With a strong focus on supporting emerging artists, we provide a nurturing environment where talent can flourish and experimental ideas can come to life. Our residency program has attracted artists from around the world, making Squeaky Wheel a hub for artistic exchange and collaboration.

Meet the Artists

1. Jane Davis - Painter Extraordinaire

Jane Davis is a gifted painter whose vibrant and expressive works capture the essence of the human experience. With a unique blend of technique and emotion, Jane's art has gained recognition at numerous exhibitions worldwide. During her residency, Jane intends to explore the theme of identity and its relationship to personal and cultural narratives.

2. Michael Johnson - Sculpting the Sublime

Michael Johnson is a sculptor renowned for his ability to transform raw materials into awe-inspiring creations. His sculptures, characterized by their intricate details and profound symbolism, have been showcased in prominent galleries and public spaces. At Squeaky Wheel, Michael aims to delve into the concept of time and its impact on human existence, creating a thought-provoking series that invites contemplation.

3. Julia Rodriguez - Master of Mixed Media

Julia Rodriguez is an innovative artist known for her eclectic approach to mixed media art. By seamlessly integrating various materials and techniques, Julia's creations evoke powerful emotions and challenge conventional interpretations. During her residency, Julia plans to explore the interplay between nature and urban environments, shedding light on the delicate balance between human progress and environmental preservation.

4. Thomas Clark - Pushing Boundaries through Photography

Thomas Clark is a trailblazing photographer who pushes the boundaries of the medium to capture unique perspectives of the world around us. His captivating images have been featured in renowned publications and have garnered critical acclaim. At Squeaky Wheel, Thomas aims to challenge traditional notions of portraiture, experimenting with unconventional techniques that invite viewers to question the concept of identity.

5. Sarah Martinez - Exploring Abstract Realms

Sarah Martinez is an abstract artist whose imaginative compositions transport viewers to otherworldly realms. Through a combination of color, texture, and movement, Sarah's art invites contemplation and introspection. During her residency, Sarah plans to explore the abstract representation of emotions, translating complex feelings into visual experiences that resonate with audiences on a deep, visceral level.

Experience the Residency Program

Squeaky Wheel's residency program offers a unique opportunity for artists to immerse themselves in a supportive and inspiring environment. By providing dedicated studio space, access to top-of-the-line equipment, and mentorship from established artists, we empower residents to push their creative boundaries and take their artistic practice to new heights.

Throughout the Summer of 2023, Squeaky Wheel will be hosting various events and exhibitions, giving art enthusiasts the chance to experience the work of our talented resident artists firsthand. Stay tuned for updates on our website and social media platforms as we showcase the stunning art created during this transformative period.


As Squeaky Wheel proudly announces the Summer 2023 Artists in Residence, we invite you to join us in celebrating their artistic brilliance and unwavering dedication to their craft. These talented individuals embody the spirit of innovation and creativity that defines Squeaky Wheel, and we can't wait to see their ideas come to life during their residency. Prepare to be inspired by their unique perspectives and thought-provoking creations!

Alan Johnston
Great lineup!
Oct 12, 2023