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May 21, 2018

Stay Connected with St. Francis Alumni

As an alumnus of St. Francis of Assisi Roman Catholic Parish, we want to keep you informed and connected. Our alumni community plays a crucial role in the continued success and growth of our parish. This page serves as a hub for all alumni news, events, achievements, and opportunities.

Latest News and Updates

Stay up to date with the latest happenings at St. Francis of Assisi Roman Catholic Parish. Our news section features articles on various topics, including alumni achievements, upcoming events, community outreach initiatives, and much more. We strive to provide you with timely and relevant information about our parish and its alumni.

Alumni Achievements and Success Stories

Our alumni have gone on to achieve great things in various fields. From successful entrepreneurs to accomplished professionals, our graduates continue to make a positive impact on society. We regularly feature their success stories on our website, sharing their accomplishments and inspiring others.

Upcoming Events and Reunions

Stay informed about upcoming events and reunions specifically designed for St. Francis alumni. We organize regular gatherings to foster a sense of community and provide opportunities for alumni to reconnect with old friends and classmates. Whether it's a class reunion, networking event, or fundraising campaign, we keep you updated on all the exciting happenings.

Volunteer Opportunities and Community Engagement

We encourage our alumni to actively participate in volunteer activities and community engagement programs. By giving back to our parish and the wider community, you contribute to the values instilled during your time at St. Francis. We regularly share volunteer opportunities and highlight alumni involvement in our newsletters and social media channels.

Alumni Resources and Support

Our commitment to our alumni extends beyond graduation. We offer a range of resources and support services to help you succeed in your personal and professional life. Whether you need career advice, access to our alumni directory, or want to stay connected with fellow alumni, we're here to assist you.

Career Development and Networking

As part of our dedication to your ongoing success, we provide career development resources and networking opportunities. From job postings to mentorship programs, we strive to support our alumni in their professional journeys. Our strong alumni network enables you to connect with fellow graduates who share similar interests and career paths.

Alumni Directory

Our comprehensive alumni directory allows you to find and connect with former classmates and friends. Networking and building relationships are essential aspects of personal and professional growth. By utilizing our alumni directory, you can expand your network and stay connected with the St. Francis community.

Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning

We believe in the importance of lifelong learning and personal growth. Our parish offers various continuing education opportunities, workshops, and seminars for our alumni. Whether you're interested in expanding your knowledge in a specific field or exploring new hobbies, our programs cater to a wide range of interests.

Get Involved and Stay Connected

There are multiple ways to stay connected with St. Francis of Assisi Roman Catholic Parish and contribute to our vibrant alumni community.

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Connect with us on social media platforms to receive real-time updates and engage with the St. Francis community. We actively share alumni success stories, upcoming event announcements, and provide a platform for alumni to connect and share their experiences. Join our online community today!

Attend Alumni Networking Events

Our alumni networking events offer a fantastic opportunity to connect and build relationships with fellow graduates. These events create a space for alumni to share experiences, collaborate on projects, and potentially discover new career opportunities. Stay informed about these events through our website and social media channels.

Join the St. Francis Alumni Network

We invite you to join the St. Francis Alumni Network—a community of accomplished and dedicated individuals who continue to make a positive impact on society. By staying engaged and connected, you contribute to the legacy of excellence associated with our parish. Register today to gain access to exclusive benefits and opportunities!


Staying connected with your alma mater is an enriching experience. At St. Francis of Assisi Roman Catholic Parish, we strive to foster a strong alumni community that continues to thrive and contribute to the world. Stay informed, engaged, and inspired by exploring the various resources and opportunities available on this page. Together, let's celebrate the accomplishments of our alumni and continue to create a brighter future.

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