Decolonizing Institutions

Nov 23, 2019
GEB Conference: Insights

Understanding Colonial Influences in Institutions

Decolonizing Institutions is an initiative aimed at critically examining the lasting impact of colonialism on various aspects of society, including institutions. We recognize that colonial structures have shaped many of our current systems, and by understanding and addressing these influences, we can work towards creating more inclusive, equitable, and just institutions.

The Colonial Legacy

Colonialism has left a deep mark on institutions across the globe. From education to governance, legal systems to cultural preservation, many aspects of our institutions bear the imprint of colonial ideologies and practices. By critically examining this legacy, we can begin the process of decolonization and move towards a more balanced and inclusive society.

Challenging Eurocentric Perspectives

A key aspect of decolonizing institutions is challenging the Eurocentric perspectives that have dominated our societal structures. By recognizing and valuing diverse knowledge systems, cultural practices, and voices, we can foster a more inclusive environment that values the contributions of all individuals and communities.

Creating Inclusive Spaces

Decolonizing institutions involves creating inclusive spaces where marginalized voices are heard, respected, and incorporated into decision-making processes. This requires embracing diversity, dismantling power imbalances, and actively working towards dismantling discriminatory practices within our institutions.

Our Approach to Decolonization

At Decolonizing Institutions, we believe that decolonization is a collective effort that requires ongoing education, dialogue, and action. We offer a range of resources, workshops, and partnerships to support individuals and institutions in their journey towards decolonization.

Education and Awareness

Our platform provides comprehensive educational resources to help individuals understand the colonial legacy and its impact on various institutions. Through articles, videos, and workshops, we aim to raise awareness and promote critical thinking about decolonization.

Workshops and Training

We offer workshops and training sessions for individuals and institutions interested in implementing decolonization strategies. Our expert facilitators provide practical tools, frameworks, and case studies to guide the process of transforming institutions to be more inclusive and equitable.

Community Engagement

Decolonizing Institutions actively engages with communities, organizations, and institutions committed to decolonization efforts. We foster partnerships and collaborative projects that aim to create meaningful and sustainable change, ensuring that the decolonization process is inclusive and representative of diverse perspectives.

Join Us in the Journey towards Decolonization

Decolonizing Institutions welcomes individuals, institutions, and organizations who are committed to challenging colonial legacies and creating more inclusive spaces. Together, we can work towards dismantling systemic barriers and fostering environments that celebrate and embrace diversity.


Decolonizing Institutions is dedicated to unpacking the colonial influences embedded in our institutions and providing resources for individuals and organizations to actively engage in the decolonization process. Join us in this transformative journey towards a more equitable and inclusive future.

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