Hiba Ali | Oceans We Carry: Rough as Silk

Dec 28, 2019
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About Hiba Ali

Hiba Ali is an accomplished artist and activist, known for her thought-provoking work that explores the complexities of identity and cultural boundaries. With a focus on themes of immigration, displacement, and the human experience, Hiba's art leaves a lasting impression on viewers.

Discover Oceans We Carry: Rough as Silk

Oceans We Carry: Rough as Silk is Hiba Ali's latest exhibition, diving deep into the emotional struggles faced by refugees and immigrants as they navigate through unfamiliar territories. Through a stunning collection of sculptures, paintings, and installations, Hiba's work delves into the profound challenges and triumphs experienced by these individuals.

The Symbolism of Oceans and Silk

In Oceans We Carry: Rough as Silk, Hiba Ali masterfully incorporates the symbolism of oceans and silk to convey her powerful messages. The vastness of the ocean represents the unknown and the uncertain, reflecting the daunting journey many go through when leaving their homes and seeking refuge. Silk, on the other hand, signifies resilience and strength, as it is both delicate and durable, much like the human spirit.

Exploring Identity and Cultural Boundaries

One of the core themes in Hiba Ali's work is the exploration of identity and cultural boundaries. Through her art, she challenges preconceived notions and encourages viewers to question their own perspectives. By merging different artistic styles, incorporating various materials, and utilizing vibrant colors, Hiba creates a visually striking experience that encourages dialogue and introspection.

Impact and Recognition

Hiba Ali's talent and unique approach to art have garnered widespread recognition and critical acclaim. Her work has been exhibited internationally, with pieces displayed in renowned galleries and museums. Through her powerful storytelling, Hiba has managed to touch the hearts and minds of people from various backgrounds.

Visit the Exhibition

Don't miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the thought-provoking world of Hiba Ali and experience Oceans We Carry: Rough as Silk. Whether you are an art enthusiast, a social activist, or simply curious about exploring new perspectives, this exhibition is a must-see.

Plan Your Visit

The exhibition is held at the renowned Ads + Funnels Gallery, located at 123 Main Street. The gallery offers a spacious and welcoming environment, ideal for enjoying and reflecting on the artwork. To ensure a seamless experience, we recommend checking the gallery's opening hours and any visitor guidelines prior to your visit.

Gallery Information:

  • Location: 123 Main Street, City, State ZIP
  • Opening Hours: Monday - Friday: 9am to 5pm, Saturday - Sunday: 10am to 4pm
  • Contact: Email: [email protected], Phone: 123-456-7890
  • Parking: Convenient parking available nearby

Supporting the Artist

By attending the exhibition, you not only get an opportunity to experience Hiba Ali's incredible artwork but also support her artistic journey. Showcasing appreciation for artists like Hiba allows them to continue creating impactful and transformative art that challenges societal norms and fosters understanding.


Hiba Ali's Oceans We Carry: Rough as Silk explores the struggles, triumphs, and complexities of the immigrant and refugee experience. Through her captivating artwork, Hiba invites viewers to contemplate identity, culture, and the human spirit. Don't miss the chance to see this exceptional exhibition at Ads + Funnels Gallery and embark on a journey through art that will leave you inspired and enlightened.

Love her work!
Nov 8, 2023
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Oct 4, 2023