The Prescription: Dr. Maya Shetreat-Klein

Nov 2, 2017
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Welcome to the world of Dr. Maya Shetreat-Klein, a highly respected and influential authority in the field of natural healing and wellness. In this comprehensive guide, we will dive into the profound insights and recommendations provided by Dr. Shetreat-Klein, exploring her revolutionary approach to health and the transformative powers of nature medicine.

Meet Dr. Maya Shetreat-Klein

Dr. Maya Shetreat-Klein is a board-certified neurologist, herbalist, and urban farmer renowned for her groundbreaking work in integrating traditional medicinal practices with modern healthcare. Her holistic approach to wellness emphasizes the importance of the natural world in promoting healing and fostering optimal health.

Nature Medicine: A Transformative Approach

Dr. Maya Shetreat-Klein firmly believes in the healing power of nature medicine and its ability to address the root causes of various health issues. Through her extensive research and clinical experience, she has developed a unique approach that harnesses the benefits of natural remedies and lifestyle modifications to promote well-being.

Books by Dr. Maya Shetreat-Klein

Dr. Maya Shetreat-Klein has authored several highly influential and acclaimed books that have brought her vision for natural healing into the mainstream. Her insightful writings provide practical guidance on incorporating nature medicine into everyday life, offering invaluable wisdom for individuals seeking to improve their well-being.

1. "The Dirt Cure"

In her bestselling book "The Dirt Cure," Dr. Maya Shetreat-Klein explores the profound connection between nature, the human microbiome, and overall health. Drawing on scientific research and her own experiences, she offers a compelling guide to restoring and optimizing our health through reconnecting with the natural world.

2. "The Terrain Is Everything"

"The Terrain Is Everything" is another enlightening book by Dr. Maya Shetreat-Klein, focusing on understanding the complex relationship between our environment and our well-being. Through engaging narratives and evidence-based insights, she reveals how our surroundings impact our physical, mental, and spiritual health, inspiring us to embrace nature's healing potential.

Experience Dr. Shetreat-Klein's Expertise

As a highly sought-after speaker, Dr. Maya Shetreat-Klein shares her expertise at various events, conferences, and workshops worldwide. Her captivating presentations enlighten audiences on the transformative power of nature medicine and offer practical strategies for achieving optimal health through natural approaches.

Finding Wellness Through Nature Medicine

If you're seeking to enhance your well-being through nature medicine, Dr. Maya Shetreat-Klein offers valuable recommendations and practices. From herbal remedies and dietary adjustments to cultivating a deeper connection with the natural world, her guidance empowers individuals to take control of their health and embrace the beauty of holistic living.


Unlock the secrets of optimal health with Dr. Maya Shetreat-Klein and embark on a transformative journey towards well-being. Discover her influential books, attend her captivating events, and explore her pioneering approach to nature medicine. Embrace the power of holistic healing and take charge of your health today.

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