Burma VJ: Reporting from a Closed Country - Buffalo

Feb 28, 2020

Experience the Untold Stories of Burma

Welcome to the captivating world of Burma VJ: Reporting from a Closed Country, an extraordinary documentary that takes you on an insightful journey into one of the most isolated and secretive nations on earth. In this eCommerce & Shopping category, we present you with the opportunity to discover the hidden stories of Burma and witness the power of citizen journalism.

Glimpse into a Closed Society

Burma, officially known as Myanmar, has long been veiled from the eyes of the world. However, Burma VJ exposes the truth while shedding light on the brave individuals who risk everything to document and share the struggles faced by their fellow citizens. Immerse yourself in this eye-opening documentary that reveals a society dominated by an oppressive military regime.

Behind the Scenes

Through first-hand footage recorded by the undercover reporters of the Democratic Voice of Burma, Burma VJ: Reporting from a Closed Country provides a unique perspective on the 2007 Buddhist monk-led protests commonly referred to as the Saffron Revolution. Experience the tension, the courage, and the determination of those who defied the oppressive regime to bring the truth to the world.

The Power of Citizen Journalism

Burma VJ showcases the incredible impact citizen journalists can have in bringing about change. Witness their resilience and resourcefulness as they clandestinely film and report critical events. From passionate street demonstrations to violent crackdowns, follow their extraordinary journey as they fight for justice and freedom of expression.

Opening Your Eyes to the Burmese Struggle

This thought-provoking documentary delves deeper into the political landscape of Burma, highlighting widespread human rights abuses, censorship, and political repression. Through the lens of these courageous reporters, you'll gain invaluable insight into the immense challenges faced by the Burmese people.

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Impressive storytelling! 👌🌏🎥
Nov 8, 2023
George Johnson
👏 Amazing documentary! 🌍💼 Discover the untold stories of Burma.
Oct 11, 2023