Jun 21, 2020

Welcome to the dark and sinister world of Teruo Ishii's HORRORS OF MALFORMED MEN. Prepare yourself for a chilling journey into the depths of horror as we unravel the mysteries of this cult classic film.

The Story Behind the Film

Teruo Ishii, a renowned Japanese filmmaker, created HORRORS OF MALFORMED MEN as a macabre exploration of the human condition. Released in 1969, the film quickly gained a dedicated following due to its unapologetic portrayal of the grotesque and taboo.

The movie revolves around a young medical student who finds himself embroiled in a series of bizarre events after receiving a mysterious letter from his long-lost father. As he uncovers dark family secrets, he becomes entangled with a group of disfigured outcasts, eerily known as the Malformed Men. With stunning visuals, atmospheric soundscapes, and a twisted narrative, HORRORS OF MALFORMED MEN has left a lasting impression on horror enthusiasts worldwide.


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Behind-the-Scenes Insights

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Experience the Horror

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