Past Workspace Residents

Mar 6, 2022


Welcome to AdsPlusFunnels! In our eCommerce & Shopping website, we proudly present our dynamic workspace residency program that fosters growth, collaboration, and innovation. Over the years, we have had the privilege to host a diverse range of talented individuals and businesses, each bringing their unique expertise and ideas to our community.

Workspace Archives

In this article, we take you on a journey through our workspace history, showcasing the past residents who have thrived within our vibrant environment. From emerging entrepreneurs to established brands, our workspace has been a hub of creativity and success.

Entrepreneurial Visionaries

Our workspace has attracted and nurtured a myriad of entrepreneurial visionaries. From the tech-savvy startups revolutionizing the industry to the creative disruptors challenging conventions, our residents have been at the forefront of innovation. With access to state-of-the-art facilities and expert mentorship, these visionaries have embraced our workspace as a catalyst for their success.

The Success Stories

  1. Company X: Founded by John Doe, Company X started as a small scale online retailer in the fashion industry. With the support of our workspace, they rapidly expanded, becoming a global eCommerce powerhouse. Today, Company X is known for its cutting-edge designs and exceptional customer experience.
  2. Startup Y: Led by Jane Smith, Startup Y is an eCommerce platform that connects artisans with a global audience. Within our workspace, they found the perfect balance between meticulous craftsmanship and digital innovation, resulting in unprecedented success. Today, Startup Y stands as a prime example of how our workspace nurtures disruptive ideas.
  3. Visionary Z: Visionary Z is an individual who revolutionized the world of augmented reality technology. With access to our workspace, they had the resources and support needed to bring their groundbreaking ideas to life. Today, Visionary Z's creations are shaping the future of immersive experiences across various industries.

Creative Collectives

Our workspace has also been a haven for creative collectives, where artists, designers, and creators have come together to collaborate and inspire. Through the exchange of knowledge and inspiration, these collectives have pushed the boundaries of their respective fields, leaving a lasting impact on the artistic community.

The Collaborative Masterpieces

  • Artistic Group A: Comprised of painters, sculptors, and multimedia artists, Artistic Group A redefined the concept of visual storytelling within our workspace. Their collaborative exhibitions pushed the boundaries of traditional art, captivating audiences with their thought-provoking creations.
  • Design Studio B: Design Studio B, a collective of passionate designers, found sanctuary within our workspace. Collaborating on various projects, they paved the way for innovative design solutions that captured the essence of functionality and aesthetics. Today, their work continues to inspire budding designers worldwide.
  • Music Collective C: Music Collective C, a group of talented musicians and sound engineers, utilized our acoustically engineered workspace to create groundbreaking compositions. Fusing genres and exploring new sonic landscapes, they crafted a unique musical experience that resonated with audiences globally.


At AdsPlusFunnels, our workspace residency program stands as a testament to our commitment to fostering growth and providing an environment that inspires and empowers. The past workspace residents showcased here exemplify the success and creativity that thrive within our community. Join us on this journey and become a part of our vibrant workspace ecosystem.

Susan Brooks
Great to see the amazing talents and innovation that have graced AdsPlusFunnels' workspace residency program!
Nov 11, 2023